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About Us

Our People, Our Pride

WashWerkz Unlimited Wash is a spin-off from a car care service provider founded in 2001 with the primary objective of professionalising the car wash service which is so lacking in Singapore. We advocate a clean car lifestyle for one and all. We represent a distinct voice in entitling car wash consumers to a professional service and a joyous wash experience.

A Glimpse into WashWerkz’s Training Excellence

Our Team

Car washing is a craft and skillset. Each individual in our company collectively contributes to the backbone of the company and together as an integrated team, they make all cars leaving our workshop look good and the business tick. We invest an enormous amount of time and effort in training and upskilling our Car Wash Professionals on the intricate craft of the trade, the technical know-how, and the customer-oriented attitude so lacking in service trades nowadays. A trainee typically undergoes a minimum 3-month mandatory training of practical and theoretical training before he earns the right to don the WashWerkz Jersey. And that just marks the beginning of his journey in his quest for a rewarding career in the car wash trade.
The Dedicated Craft of Car Washing

Our Services & Wash Methodology

At WashWerkz Unlimited Wash, we are not just your everyday car wash people. Our deliberate effort to provide an efficient, courteous, and clean car experience is exactly what you might be looking for. Our wash methodology is as follows:

A Pre-Wash with deliberate yet delicate actions to remove stubborn surface contaminants

A thorough microfiber shampoo Wash-by-Hand or by a Scratch-Free state-of-the-art car wash machine

A respectable Wheel-Wash

Machine blow dry to reduce wiping swirls

Hand dry to deal with hard-to-reach areas

A dose of Tyre-Dressing

A quick Dashboard-Wipe

No Frills, No Gimmick Unlimited Car Wash Program for Less Than $1 Per Day