NEW LAUNCH PROMO: WashWerkz Unlimited Wash. $360 for 13 months of UNLIMITED WASH (For the FIRST 300 Members)

No Frills, No Gimmick Unlimited Car Wash Program for Less Than $1 Per Day


Let’s Talk Car Wash

As a car owner living a time-constrained city life, aspiring to move around in a decently clean car, what might entice you to visit a professional car wash service provider?

Does it really have to be the one with…

— Fancifully and persuasively crafted TikTok marketing videos?
— The absolute obsessive need to schedule an appointment prior to the wash?
— Suavely presented social media with feel-good marketing videos and content?
— Downtime of more than 30min per wash because “that’s absolutely needed for a proper quality wash”?
— Premium Pricing yet leaving much room for upsells?


Another one that is…

— Competitively priced, zilch marketing gimmicks, zero unnecessary upselling
— Hassle-free drive-in mode of ops. Heck with the need to make an appointment, yet still highly available
— Operated by highly initiated and courteous staff
— With a social media presence that’s communicative rather than marketlike
— A wash turnaround time that’s hardly disruptive to your daily schedule

If it’s the latter that makes you smile…

No Frills, No Gimmick Unlimited Car Wash Program for Less Than $1 Per Day

unlimited car wash singapore

No Frills, No Gimmick Unlimited Car Wash Program for Less Than $1 Per Day

Welcome to WashWerkz Unlimited Wash

The future of Car Washing has arrived in concept & in form

Embrace the unrivaled convenience of unlimited access to our technically superior car wash facilities and wash methodology. We are now at 4 locations:

Esplanade Branch

Playfair Branch

Chai Chee Branch

Toh Guan Branch

And we have concrete plans to position ourselves in more corners of Singapore in a jiffy.

Designed for quality and efficiency, our proprietary car washing system delivers a fast yet pristine wash every time, ensuring your vehicle looks its cleanest. Join us to experience limitless access, desirable cleanliness, and a sparkling finish, all at an unbeatable value.

No Frills, No Gimmick Unlimited Car Wash Program for Less Than $1 Per Day

Discover WashWerkz

Ready to experience a revolutionary methodology of washing your car where wash frequency is key to consistency in cleanliness, turnaround time is critical in enticing your participation, and wash quality are crucial to your satisfaction. Dive into WashWerkz Unlimited Wash membership and start enjoying unlimited quality car washes for less than $1/day!

Unmatched Convenience

Unmatched Convenience

Bid farewell to the hassle of waiting for a car wash. Heck with the need for an appointment, just drive in, relax in the comfort of your car, drive thru, and leave the rest to us.

Unbeatable Value

Unbeatable Value

Top-tier quality car wash shouldn’t be a luxury. We offer quality service at a very affordable price, giving you the best value for your dollar. Come on in and experience the clean car lifestyle we are such strong advocates of!

Human-Machine Collab

Human-Machine Collab

Embrace the latest in car wash technology. We combine rapid, efficient cleaning with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your car receives a quality wash within the most efficient usage of time. Thereby getting you back on the road faster than ever.

Innovative Cleaning

Innovative Cleaning

We’re not just about water and soap. Our innovative pre-soaks, foaming shampoo, and liquid wax are designed to provide a deeper, longer-lasting shine, enhancing your car’s appearance with every wash.

No Frills, No Gimmick Unlimited Car Wash Program for Less Than $1 Per Day


Come on in to experience the clean car lifestyle we are such strong advocates of! Over time, we are confident that you and your loved ones will come to embrace the virtues and joy of driving a professionally washed car.

We believe that a clean car exudes more class than any dirty Supercar, ANYTIME!

Team WashWerkz takes much pride and passion in delivering results that are consistent with our urging that you “Don’t Drive Dirty!”

No Frills, No Gimmick Unlimited Car Wash Program for Less Than $1 Per Day

Terms of Usage

1. WashWerkz Unlimited Wash membership can be utilised at all current and future Washwerkz outlets.

2. ⁠It’s a drive-thru wash on a first come first serve basis and members need not make any appointment.

3. ⁠There is absolutely no limit on the number of washes each member can utilise on the registered car within the one year membership program.

4. Each WashWerkz Unlimited Wash membership can be registered to only one car plate number. Membership is transferable to the next car in the event there is a change of car but it is not shareable. We sell our service in a annual package of $360 per car and we do not offer a ala carte single session service nor pricing.

5. Washwerkz Pte Ltd  is committed to provide satisfactory quality services that conforms with the  Sales of Goods Act S14 (2), Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act and Lemon Law. The definition of such act can be found in Sale of Goods Act 1979 - Singapore Statutes Online (

6. Washwerkz is committed to providing car wash service for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase or any other period stipulated in the term and condition of the invoice issued. During this period customers are guaranteed  of service availability according to the operation hours published on our website In respect of service quality , Washwerkz Pte Ltd is committed to performing the services as stipulated in our invoice , failing which customer have the right to demand a redo of such services.

7. Washwerkz Pte Ltd will refund base on pro-rated calculation of 365 days any unused services in the event a customer has justified reasons for a refund .  Such justified reasons must be submitted in writing to  for consideration and is subject to the approval of the management of Washwerkz Pte Ltd. Washwerkz will reply any such claims within 3 working days This policy is clearly stated in invoice issued to customer and at all storefronts.

8. Payment of our program is strictly via online transaction via Paynow and Atome. Washwerkz does not accept cash or other form of payment beside the a/m two mode payment whether at the storefront or via the internet.  Currency of payment is strictly Singapore Dollar (SGD) . Upon successful payment, a digital  invoice contract is generated and sent via email to our client. This invoice contract stipulates service agreements and is a legal binding invoice contract . Following is a example of our invoice contract.

9. Washwerkz Pte Ltd collects payment digitally and  prices are predetermined digitally online or by QR code at storefront  . As such charges are always accurate and there should be no case of over or under charging in term of payment transactions.  Both our online platform and storefronts clearly display the price for every category of service offered. The prices displayed are nett prices.

10. Washwerkz Pte Ltd is committed to maintain the confidentiality of customer data. Our business fully complies with the guidelines laid out in PDPA , Personal Data Protection Act 2012 - Singapore Statutes Online (

11. Washwerkz Pte Ltd  provides the following modes of communication for enquiries , feedbacks and complains

— Telephone : Fixed line 6227 9274
— Email :
— Easy to recall Whatsapp voice or chat number in the form of 6CAR WASH (6227 9274)

These modes of communications are manned daily from 0800hrs to 2000hrs.